Hey, my first post will be interesting, it’s gonna be geeky but you’ll probably enjoy it.

Last year, I participated in Google Code-In 2015, I registered 1 month and a half late! I had only two weeks left and I had my finals in those two weeks, I was able to finish 4 tasks.

These 4 tasks changed my life, they introduced me to Open Source, they are FOSSASIA (Free Open Source Software Asia). Open Source became part of my development life since then. They have several projects that I had the opportunity to look into them, fork, contribute, push. Because of FOSSASIA, I was introduced to Git and how contribution with a community works.

This year, I am proud to say that I am working on FOSSASIA’s tasks again, so far I contributed more than 10 times in my first week in the competition, and every time I contribute, I learn something new, and I personally recommend that each and every one of you should contribute to their projects if they are still new to Open Source because the community is more than helpful and friendly, they’ll perfectly guide you through the right track.

So, what are some of FOSSASIA’s projects that interest me?

  1. GCI16.FOSSASIA.ORG: This year’s Google Code-In website for FOSSASIA, all contestants work on making it look perfect, fix issues and add features. I learned quite good skills while working on it. I added an awesome feature, which is a map that previews the locations of FOSSASIA’s mentors and students from all around the world! You can see it just below the slider if you open their website!
  2. LOKLAK_SEARCH: It is an application made by FOSSASIA’s team, it basically collects data from different sources, mainly social media websites such as twitter. It’s your main data source!
  3. OPEN-EVENT-WEBAPP: The web generator application can generate event websites by getting data from event JSON files and binary media files, that are stored in a compressed zip file. It is essential if you’re hosting events and need a website done quickly!

The projects are endless and I could keep talking till tomorrow to cover them all! So I suggest you have a look yourself: FOSSASIA Account on GitHub

I hope you enjoyed the post! See you in another one!


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